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05/01/2004 - 05/31/2004  

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Bitterfilms. I love this guy.

Oooer, TP to go with my stickers!" Awesome.

Happy Bunny pwnz j00. Neeed to find more stickers!

Happy Bunny apparel. Haha I bet Liz would buy the socks. Where is she anywho? College addict?

Jim Benton. More of the same, just high-freak'n-larious.

The Icarus Project. Yeah, sure.

Drunken Shotgun balls-off. ...ow, fuck that.

Britney getting married? Awe, I'd still hit it :(

Drunken Jonie. NSFW drunken wh0r3z.

Oooh, pantie parties. I'd go :P

pwnt. I'd hate to see the outcome of this.

Haha, kings daughter boob. See what money and power gets you? Boob off the internet.

Euro 2k4 thing. I dunno, I didn't watch it but someone cares.

Self Destruction handbook. Kick ass :P

Madonna panty shot. Pity they're not nice panties.

1000 thong thief. Damn, thas a lot of thongs.

Crazy pen0rz enhancing judge. How do you get away with jerking off on the bench? I mean, really now.

Simpson hottest, richest. ...well, she is. But she's stupid as a brick.

Flags given letter grades. Go Japan :P

Find a grave dot com. Yeah, guess what this is. If you can't, go hang yourself.

Yeah, see? This is why I'd never get a motorcycle. Cuz I'd fuck myself up. I know I would.

If you play MvC2, watch this. Storm fury right there. Someone find more DJ-B13 videos for me. Chop chop!

Irony via bumper sticker.

If you think spam is visually offensive... Be glad you're not blind.

Tera Reid and her new boobies. I'd of hit it before, I dunno about now.

Earthworm eating record. Ew, I'm glad there's no video. At least it's not eels..

Ass crack is the new cleavage. Mmm, I love me a good ass, too. :)

Bar 11 I'd go there.

Tommy Lee bombs as a DJ. Just Bellagio boot'n him out for being a dick.

Damn, little pimp. Hey Chuck, you could do this for money. Heh.

Nymphos make bad spies. On a side note: I want to go to Europe and get me a dirty brittish chick.

Do not sleep! Things to do instead of sleep.

Bury the mummy to stop teh quakes. Cuuuuuuurrrrrrssssssssse!!!!!!!

Jenna Lewis Sex Tape. Could be down or something by tomorrow.. I'd rather fuck her than Paris. If you really want it IM me or somethin'.

A girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on the road...

Girl: Slow down. I'm scared.
Guy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not. Please, its too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
*Girl hugs him*
Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself? Its bugging me.

(In the paper the next day):

A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it, but only one survived.

The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his breaks broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him & felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die.

...Obey the fist!

Audit finds missing evidence. Fucking cops, I hate cops.

Pie Chart: Dinosaurs. Must be Jason from Fox Trot. ty Krista

Supernova. For all you torrent whores out there.

Pirate information. Yo, ho ho.

Day in the life of a goldfish Almost every one of these pie charts if from Krista.

Mushroom kingdom. In a pie chart. Hehe, I like pie.

Haha, oh hell with it. Here's the main site, just fscking look at them all!

I lied, one more. Fucking bush.

Can't we all just get along?

Do you keep old playlists in tact for this reason?

Happy Father's Day!

Chuck made the door.

Go, web! Go! I say we have Nick do it. Video required. I'll find some place to host it. Titties and comedy, we'd make billions.

Pac man.

Wanna cyber?

What demension?

Ask Jeeves. ...sigh, where's Sanders? :
Nothing's gayer.

Yeah, how much?
...hrm, did I just go over latest and repost one? meh, suffer.
Xbox 2 specs leaked. Thank ya, Marc.

Just nifty shirts. Plus, ninja. Pff, can't go wrong with ninjas.

I'll post more when these videos are done downloading.

...Aww, I wanted to explode.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Surprised teen cheerleaders. Some guy snuck in their room and pwn3d everything with his wang. That's hilarious.

Aol spam scheme pair nailed. Wow, that's a fucking grip of members. I bet the list shows up online somewhere. That'd be awesome. Stalkers everywhere rejoice.

Shiet, someone is getting sued... I mean, Beastie Boys CD Virus? Fuck those cosks.

Gleen'z0rz new toy. ...Hey, I'm jealous :P I want one, heh.

Some fighting guy generator.. I blame Chuck...

Fuck the cops. These guys are my heroes... aside from machine gunning the fucking cops.

Dodgeball game. ..it's hard. Thank ya, Krista.

Ugh, no big update just old shit I forgot to do before. Maybe I'll update when I wake up tomorrow. -_-

..."I'm Jewish, my word doesn't mean anything. LOL - peace"

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Camel Toe: The movie. The song makes it rather amusing.

The flying fuck award.

Wow, glad I don't take pictures when I do things like this...

Stanaphone. If it was banana phone, I'd sign up.

...ROFL.. Fucking Harry Potter Chick countdown. Good lord, this is sooo fucking creepy. Oh good lord I hope it's a joke. On a side note, please, PLEASE read the guestbook :) Thank you gleen ::Smoooooch:: haha

Ton of boob flash things. and I do mean a ton.

...Lamborghini on Ebay. Thank you George :P

OK, gonna go see Dodgeball, assuming Brett doesn't take forever.

...That is the creepiest thing I have seen for a long time, and we're on the internet.
Gmail overview. Doesn't bug me.

Changing school page backround? That could possibly be the best h4x0r job ever.

Yaarrr. haha I love bash.

1337 bash quotes.

Did you wash your hands?

Britney's Mum mashes photographer. Haha, shouldn't be following so close.

Large Screen Rofl, why is this so funny? Oh, that's right cuz I can imagine people I know doing it.

O_O... omfg. I never want to get a piercing anywhere, EVER now.

Slash blames Axl. Yeah, it was all Axl's fault.

Wimbledon 1998 was faked! Rofl, this guy is funny. Reminds me of Sanders... where's he been? :
Norway! It's better than Kenya. Watch it before it gets trendy.

Olsen twin number 2 in treatment. I toldja them bitches needed some cake! ...then they need to NOT throw it up.

Xombified! haha it starts slow, but damn once that music hit I lost it... I need to now keep up with this series.

Anyone wanna add a Gir to my keychain? No? Ok :P

Arab Racers. Wow, that song would be evil in a car.

Base jumping demo. Good lord, these guys are crazy!

Passing out a passing fad. Hehe, I remember that shit from Jr. High.

World record hair? Wow, that is some hair of extraordinary magnitude.

Paper Rock Scissorz! Extreme japanese edition.

Piss off the guards? Those guys are crazy, I wonder what training they gotta go through for that shyte.

Forgetting something for your robbery? Yeah, that's kind of important.

Christian Slater cheats with teh wh0r3z. Haha, at least she said he was good in bed?

Bigfoot was here. Haha, that's kick ass.

Bunny fight! haha I wish it was longer.

Pepsi Pinball. Meh, I expected something a LOT better from Pepsi. Kinda shoddy flash game, but it passes the time.

God this page gives me teletech nightmares. Why, OHHH why do places want you to collect system information?

Wait, how much what now?


...Japaneses teachers are fscking hardcore. Forcing to write an appology in blood. That's great.

Hardcore fscking camping.

Mexican fridge.

Get those braids out, you ain't black!

Oops, forgot to hit Publish :P

...50 on black!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Seven teenagers test a theory. Yes, sometimes they do. I've seen it.

...No idea what they're saying. But it's likable. Thank ya Krista. Hey Nick, if this is Japanese have Kotoro translate :)
...I don't think it's japanese though, but still.

Crazy Limos. Hehe I saw this before. Some of them are too funny.

Salvia. Hard to describe, but I would try it. Mmm, hallucinations.

Bunch of weird little movies. Some of 'em are funny. But yeah, definitely not all.

Shocking Fun. Weird looking shocking games.

Bush's desktop. I swear, I thought I posted it before. My bad.

Damn, now that guy was on a rampage. I wish some video would surface. It would be great to see what caused all that.

Puke and still win the game priceless.

Helping animals cross the road. Maaan, if this thing existed... I would set up camp right by it for a week til I was sore from laughter.

No more pole for that stripper. Dag, yo... That would suck.

I can make i... shit. Haha, I'm surprised there aren't more pictures like this.

Wow that guy is hardcore. I think Dave/Dink could do that with a plane in Desert Combat tho. Heh. LAAAN PARTY DINK! GAWD!

I need a neighbor like Courney Love. ..only not Courtney Love.

New Olsen countdown. They're legal now, but what's being waited for next?

Bawls, now in sugar free version. Thank ya Gleen :P Bawls are so good. Someone buy me a case.

Wow, that's something. You know he gets the bitches.

Sink a drink. 112 is my top, I don't think there's a level 5 :(

Products that should not be made Extreme. Oh man, this is a good Fark photoshop thread.

The Euro2k4 minds Seperated by countries.

How to annoy people in an elevator. ...Dude, where's Jackson?

A new countdown. Gonna be a bit for this one to be legal.

You don't know Dick. Damn, that's a lot of Dick... and Richards, and damn. Lotta famous Dick :P

Damn, the public urination punishment is harsh. Note to self: Never pee in public over there

Female Urinals. ...yeah, there's no urinals in women's restrooms. If you're ever drunk and in a bathroom without urinals. Get out, that's the ladies. Vegas lesson number 3.

Ear Bags. Nifty lookin' psuedo ear muffs.

Cell phone karaoke? Crazy japanese!

Jenna Lewis: Survivor Sex tape. I wish more people would record, and then lose these things.

Lolipop pwnt his 3y3! haha damn, that would suck ass.

10 body mods. These would be nifty.

Copyright law stuff. Again with thanks to the death angel :P

Bunch of little things. haha some of them are too funny.

Who's got an Xbox? I'll find someone with a gun. Lets test this shit. Bulletproof? Microsoft? Meh.

Jordan dislikes top during shoot. They shoulda let her go topless, man. Dang!

Nifty archetictural house. I think so anyway.

Where's that smell?

Onez! Worlds largest popup! Oh hell, Aqua Teen is coming TRUE!!! wyzzardd!

Madonna to add Polly to her name. Yeah, that's just stupid...

I'm glad she's sticking up for her fans. Cuz I want to stick something up her.

Teleportation breakthrough. I want my fucking teleporting machine!

Johnny Ramone: I'm not dying. Just him saying "Hey, I'm not dying, bitch." basically.

Holy fucking shit. SATA is Hot swappable. Wow, I want one now. Aside from them being faster than fucking shit. Scroll down... Thank you Brett.

Now for the cable differences. Think you can tell which ones SATA? Yeah. Thanks again, Brett.

Uh, it's still downloading. 35 megs worth of something.

Ok, that's all for now. I might actually stop and play some shit now. Ok, away I go!

...It run on love!!11
DJ Crikey! Mx some beats with the Croc Huntah!

99 Rooms. I dunno, but it seems to be getting trendy.

Canada isn't so gay.

French Label. haha oh man, that would pwn so hard.

Date flaked on you? Invoice her for half of dinner.

This guy's feedback kicks ass. Apparently if he likes you, you get a poetic postive feedback.

It's the hand stand guy! He just does hand stands everywhere I guess.

Eminem's Censored ass. Pff, fuck this indecency bullshit.

Bunch of movies You can vote on them and such.

Pencil art... I guess This shit is fucking crazy, seriously..

h4x0r3d News thing. I had it linked somewhere before, but it's funny enough to repost.

The bulldozer guy had it planned. That guy was pwn'n in the dozer too.

Rofl, a song about AIM. Ok, this is funny I don't care. Listen to it.

Strange band names.. Haha some of them are almost unbelievable.

LED Mirror. Damn, that's awesome.

Ok, I'm too fscking tired to post anymore right now. I don't know how I'm still awake to write this. But yeah...

Moi "Dude, hurry up!"
Not Moi "Hold on, I'm trying not to squirt myself in the eye with it."
Not Moi "Oh hell, I got it all over the place. ::spits:: oh god it's salty!"

I think there was more, I just forget wtf I said.

...Dude, where's Nick?

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Good way to blow the party. Along with lose your deposit, and probably generally have people pissed at you.

Tech TV Fans Pissed.

Another auction selling kids shit. This is gonna get trendy now.

Nifty Screenshot. But it's a drawing, or is it a screenshot, of a drawing of a screen shot? Etc, etc? :P

Worst Case Scenarios. Crossing a piranha infested rivers. Hey, this could be handy.

1337 dot org. It's not that 1337.

Hey it's that hand moving thingie again. Oh, just look at it!

Move all the colored things to the other side of the thing. I won. It wasn't that hard. Maybe I'm supposed to do it in like 20 moves or something retarded?

Nifty Pencil Anim Flash. This thing is cool.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite. OMFG OW EW GOD DAAAMN! -_- I would squish that thing soooo bad.

Giant Lava Lamp. Wonder if they have a repair man.

Panda Pregnant after watching video? What what what??

Best pr0n pictures either. DONKEY PUNCH! They shoulda done a Dirty Sanchez one too.

TAMPONS: Satan's little cotton fingers. ...yeah I'm not even reading it yet.

Uhh... deceptacon. Yeah. Watch it if you can.

Some crazy asian hentai. NSFW, or me. Bleh.

Pantypoop dot com. ...why the hell am I even putting this on here? If you like this, ugh I don't know you.

Plumber game. Good time waster. It will prove for much use and fun for later. Assuming I'm not playing Gunbound.

Useless information right here. You know how I love stupid facts like this to throw around. Hehe.

Pen twirling phureeeh! Damn crazy ass guys. Helluva lot better than the lighter tricks one.

Damn I'd be pissy if someone just walked in like that. You know he's been caught beating it. That or he cowers in the shower.

Yetisports Golf. Hehe this one looks fun. All these I would be playing if Gunbound wasn't so fun. COME PLAY DAMNIT!

Exactly what it says. I think they're bitter about something.

That foul ball story. Haha nothing like making someone do the right thing like publicity.

Some guy doing stupid shit. I was REALLY hoping the axe would blow up on him. Rofl, I'm so twisted.

Now that's how you crash into a house. Daamn, that guy pwnt that house.

Linsay Lohan criticized. Uh, helloooo? She's fucking 17, isn't she? What do you want her to do? Use big people words?

In shape for football. Round is a shape.

That's it for now, I crave Gunbound!

...gay kick for days!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Street drumming. I saw this before, it's perdy dope. I wanna see more.

Cooookie thiiieeevery! Hehe I love them flash loops. I wish CT and DC would come out with new ones every hour.

Suicide Bob. Guess what the object of this game is?

Sunblock... i think, commercial. Oh man, that guy is too much. I wish I could do that. That'd be awesome.

Golf Idiots. Probably the stupidest thing I've seen all day. I was hoping for the nuts or chest. Oh well.

Car Features. I didn't see that ending coming, which is a plus.

How to block a wireless signal. Kinda nifty, real simple and cheap also.

Forgotten Wonders. Hrm, I haven't forgotten almost any of those which I have previously heard of.

Eco Friendly Green Hummer. Fuck the government and big oil, make fucking hybrid cars or just cars that fucking run on water or something for fucks sake. It can be done, shut the hell up. Don't vote Bush.

Splinter flash Just starting it right now. I'll play more later.

Durden for America. Hey, anything is better than Bush. I still REALLY say there should be a None of the Above option. If that wins, they can never run again. Any of them. Then new people are selected to run. Tell me that wouldn't be great.

Chip & Dales MMORPG. It's stupid, but I don't have enough stuff to post. Filler links.

Bodies Hit The Floor. A whoooole ton of people crashing, shot, hurting themselves, etc etc etc. The worst to me is the fucking leg breaking ones. Uuugghgh!

Gunbound. Come play! It's like worms. It's fun. It's FREE! It's multiplayer like a muthafucka. There's no reason not to play, so come on. Robert and Chuck got me started, George is gonna play now. I've been bugging Brett, I'm sure other people would play. C'mon!

That's it for now, gonna go play Gunbound. You should also. FREEEE! FUUUNN!! Do it.

...I dunno, it's one of those flavored shampoos.
OMFG COOKIE THIEVERY IS BACK! Yaaaay! ::does a little dance::

Popeye's chick dance. Hey screw you, Brett. It's funny!

...yeah that's the only reason I updated, so what?
Some PSA's... I'm spending a day or eight in hell for as hard as I laughed. I don't even know why it was funny. I'm twisted I guess? Meh :P 20 bucks says Nick laughs for days.

Depressed? Here's an interesting book...

Tatoo Prank. See, aside from her crying and wanting to cut it off her arm... That's damn funny.

Could be best thing ever. I hope it exists, I'd love that shit. Yeah yeah, me and the rest of the world with a Penis.

Breakdancing Transformers. It's hard to ask for much more than this.

10 Foods You Should Never Eat. Good lord! I'm shocked with some of 'em.

Another virginity for sale. Ebay stripped it, this is just the article. ...Hey Brett, wanna make some money? :P

Soccer game prevents prison riot. See, I'm tellin'a ya... It's all about the hooligans.

Underpant toast!. Awe, I thought it was real underwear!

Internet the greatest invention of all time? Does it really even count as an invention? A thing consisting of other things? Meh, I guesso.

Red Light World. Hrm, now here's a virtual city worth visiting.

If Zombies take over the world... How long til the electricity fails? Well, now you know if you care.

Cell phone virus? Wow, that would suck ass.

Half Life 3 screenshot. She shoulda listened! Gotta tell her again, with a crowbar!

I'd hit that shit like crazy. She's hotter when she's hot than ugly when she's ugly :P

Seinfeld's expensive ass garage. Easier and cheaper than finding parking there.

Business forced to move. Because a guy has lots of sex with blow up animals.

and I'm tapped, plus bored. No more linkies for tonight.

...Well shit in a bag and punch it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Porno Idol?! Ho-ly shit, a reality show I'd watch. No, really... well, I might.

Odes to Booze Wooooo booze! :P

Weird sex Laws... Yeah, I haven't read them yet, shut yer ass :P. I will. On a side note: I need to download some Richard Cheese.

Laugh at Rice dot com.. Because you know you want to. I know I do.

Short update cuz I need to restart. I also need to fricken format. Bleh :P

...Chinese spaghett... fuck ::lowers head in shame::

Monday, June 14, 2004

Happy birfday to moi.

Rabbit fur animals. Hey, they look real. That'd be nifty to have just to see people go to pet it and freak out or something. I'd put one around somewhere.

Angry Cubs Manager. Like, really, really angry. Haha.

OMFG.org. I almost hope this is fake... Just cuz of the STFU drops ASS, and yeah. Just look.

Bunch of celeb oops and such. Hey, everyone needs a little pr0n sometimes.

Asians are awesome. We need commercials like this, not enough funny commercials on TV. I mean, who would forget this shit?

Trucker Hat outta garbage. Now everyone can be like Ashton!

Police to let England fans smoke pot. They'd rather they smoke weed than drink at the game. ph33r the power of the hooligans!

Campus Exchange. Cheap books and shit. I still thought it said campus sex change.

WHY IS THERE BAACON IN THE SOAP?! Iiiii made it myself! Haha I need to find that fscking DVD!

Drunken responces to police. This page would be sooo much funnier if the guy who wrote it, A. used fucking better colors. B. Had any sort of sense of humor.

For those who REALLY like road head. I mean, seriously... Why else would it ONLY have a fricken lighter plug?

Only in Texas. I *almost* agree with them doing shit like that. Assuming jail time was lessened and all that shit. But not in this country. Never gonna happen.

Play the sexual organ. Trojan dot com moaning piano... thing.

Cuz I said it outloud about 4 times last night. But seriously, if you vote for Bush I'll kick you.

Real or Fake? The breast test. I only got 90%

What up negroes?! ::sigh:: xanga peoples.

Yup here's another one. Sorry there, cool guy... If you have a web page, your thug status maxes at -5.

Bulldozer Rampage! ...what more do I need to say?

Now here is a strange ass fetish... Giants and girls.

Ladybugs: 9000 count. The comments are great. Plus, who the hell needs nine thousand ladybugs?

Starbucks commercial. It's sorta funny, but meh.

Smokey Photoshops.

Wtfrofl dot com video v 1.2. Jackson is better, we just need a camera... where the hell is Jackson anyway? He get shot up or something?

Unliftable? What? I smell bullshit. I wanna try, cuz if thas real, that's awesome.

Hit him. Dude, where's that chicken? I'm gonna find it, right now.

Katherine interface. Tell her something, and she reacts. ::goes to find the chicken::

Subservient Chicken! This thing is awesome, but very disturbing. I'm telling you, this chicken pwnz/

Twice, just for emphasis. ph33r the chicken! I know I do.

Steve Irwin & Whales story. I *really* doubt he would ride a whale. He's too animal friendly.

Bush getting prepped. I swear, he looks like a monkey!

More later maybe, goin to Sushi for birthday shit and what not.

...::cricket noises::

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Drunken Shamings. I don't think I know more than 2 people that have ever been drunk enough to do something like this... Heh, poor Terry.

There's an I in team now! Haha, Satire kicks ass.

Woman Fainting. I don't fucking care, that shit is damn hilarious.

Gunbound... I have no idea. It's still downloading.

Warning sign. This is a warning sign of extraordinary magnitude. Times ten.

Whiiiite powah! Heh, poor guy.

Stapled. ...ow.

Do what with click? Yeah, I believe it.

Java! Hey, they're right!

My little pony. Nice responce.

Manslaughter. ...well, they're right!

...Hahahah I'm gonna teach Nathan pwn3d first chance I get :P

What're you thinking about?
Yeah, they might be reposts. Suck my ass :P

Thas all for now. Prolly more later. Depending on if we do anything.


Saturday, June 12, 2004

Yay, like that picture from before. Not quite as clear, but still I like the idea. A lot.

Amazing CGI Work. But uh, yeah. I don't get why that happened, nor does Brett. Why could she chill there, not moving, but not get back up? ...yeah

Important Quizzery. Seen it before, but I don't think I ever posted it.

Make your own paper arcade. Damn, I'm gonna find some ink and plug in my printer so I can get me some of this.

50 Fun ways to blow an exam. I think it would be great to see someone try any of these.

Hidden Queen Messages. Yeah, I did NOT hear it before they showed it in text.

Titanic in 30 seconds, with the bunnies! Hehe, these things are great.

Oh it's these guys again. The mario twins guys, etc, or at least it sounds like 'em. This time it's idioth.

DC Updated. I wanna do the dance the popeye's chicken girl is doin'. That's be awesome.

Spinners on shoes. Oh good lord, is this fucking necessary? Those fucking stupid spinning rims on shoes?! Ugh.

1431 girls in 1 picture. Kinda nifty, but I'm sure everyone has seen a bunch of pictures like this.

Pimp Cups. I wanna be like Li'l John too.

I can handle these kinda mind games. Crazy crazy stuff.

anticAPSLOCK dot com. Pretty self eplainitory. I like how they're thinking though.

Ok, time for sleep. ...so who the fuck is going to Nick's tomorrow? Did anyone get told by him, or anyone for that matter?

...I didn't try to hit it, it just kind of happened.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Tired Kitty. This gets awww, replies from everyone for cuteness.

Now, Super Kitty! He can fly. Then run off.

PMP 120 I think it's amazing, George thinks the next one is better :P

This next one. It's the main page, there's a picture, if you can't figure it out you don't need one. I think the two are a toss up and it's rather debatable. ::shrugs::

Meh, that's it for now. I'm lazy.

Note: today, tomorrow or sometime rather soon I'm gonna change the SN I use so if you want it, IM me and let me know... Edge7474 is too old and shal thusly be retired :P
I probably won't just randomly IM you with my new name, if you wanna talk to me. Tell me so, so you can. If not, that's cool too. Doesn't really matter.

...You mean those shrimp bat things?

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Real Doll vs Superbabe. They shoulda let Nick test it. I wonder if the dolls do anal. Yeah, NSFW.

Fahrenheit 9-11 Trailer. If anyone can find me this movie, along with give it to me to watch I will be your lover for 15 seconds. Hot females get 2 hours, 59 minutes, 45 seconds more time.

Goooo Gleen! :P IE: Thank you for the following linkage.
New Mac. Sounds fiercesome. (did I spell that right?)

Hit in the head = sue. Yeah, right. Stupid people.

Hanging most common in young suicides. ...10-14?! WTF?! I didn't even hate school by then. Glenn blames the drugs parents pump into kids.

Valve Thieves Announced. Who's hated more? These guys or the Cubs fan?

Someone got me to try this. I may have to stab her for doing so. Ah well :P

Lords of the Rhymes. Heres one from Marc, I'm still too scared to listen. I will someday though.

Greatest Halloween Costume Ever. I vote Jackson wears this for halloween.

Wow. That's bad ass looking. Seriously, I wanna see more pictures like this now.

Good Photoshop, or greatest thing ever? You decide. Let me know.

Ever have Mom call at the wrong time? She sure did. That would be so great to witness.

Hellen Keller Jokes. I think it's missing some.

Wire Hang. Combo Bionic commando, and spiderman. Sort of.

Suicide Methods. Could come in handy.

Steps in overcoming Masturbation. I think I might've posted this before, but whatever.

Some PETA commercial. I thought it would never end. Besides, everyone knows PETA puts down 75% of the animals they "rescue".

Big Gay Bubba. Just a flash movie.

Onoez! More Live Action RP. I smell another video coming.

Bill Gates and Petals around the rose. Damn, remembering rolls?? Yeesh.

When Robbed, fake a seizure. Hey, it worked for this aussie.

Band... chart... thing. Put in a Band, DJ, Group, Person, whatever. It's nifty.

Anal Sex Stats. I wonder who compiled all this information.

Automatic Tatoo Machine. It's nifty, but I'm scared.

How to: Fry an egg with XP. I think they coulda done it faster, but it's cool.

3d face model. It's creepy, don't stare at it too long.

Helping Bike. You know he got some at the end. Yeah it looks helpful but it's all about WTGML.

Man Arrested for Assault. ...with an airborne chalupa. That's so funny, but so stupid.

Vette Batmobile. Caution: Nerdity.

Sleep Dep. Eh, woulda been more interesting if he went a lot longer.

Had more, but for some reason it didn't want to publish and I lost it. Stupid thing. Even saving drafts isn't good enough unless I do it EVERY link. Bleh, whatever.

...We're all going to hell, and I'm driving the bus.
If you're failing, start fuckin'. Obviously you have to start it, women. You get it whenever you want.

Nice way to ruin someone elses picture. Jackson would do it.

How to deal with a breakup.

Funny complaint letters.

Carnival Duck Game. Heh, this shit was kinda fun!

Celebrity Birthdays. Ooer, Donald Trump, Yasmine Bleeth and Boy George. I would also like to note they missed Chauncy Leopardi, the kid wearing glasses in The Sandlot. I only know that cuz I knew him and he also had the same b-day as me :P

Note: Lots of cool people have Gemini birthdays, so neener to all you other sign having bastards.

Poke the Penguin. Kinda like poke the bunny, but better.

100 Scariest Movie Scenes Ever.

Escape. It's an older game, but it was addicting. Simple is good sometimes.

Spelling Bee Faint. Wow, a video. What's with all the hardcore spelling bee people recently?

Ghetto Antenna 2000 Quick, someone make an Ebay auction without a picture selling them, I bet you make money. Seriously.

Who needs broadband? Get CrappyDialup instead!

Full Paris Hilton. Since people still fscking bug me for it. So here, shoooosh!

And I got nothin' else. Going to the valley with Nick, be back in a few hours.

...Yeah, uh you go do dat der meat man.
....I fucking hate pages that fucking Crash Avant. Mostly because it's ONLY WHEN I'M TRYING TO FUCKING UPDATE! Fuck pop ups. Fuck shit crashing. Fuck Windows. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you. Who's next. /bitching.

A Pirate walks into a bar and he has a steering wheel hanging from his crotch.
This dude asks him "Hey dude, why do you have a steering wheel hanging from your crotch?"
The pirate replies, "ARRRR it's drivin' me nuts!."

Cheap Gas. 10 cents a gallon for Iraq? Just more US BS I bet. Especially since we get like 3 times as much oil from Alaska as we do from Iraq. So yeah, the war was about oil. Even though we get more oil out of texas than Iraq. Plus Alaska, and Mexico take up about 50% of it all. So yeah, fuck Bush.

Museum of Bad Art. Yep, it's bad.

Shopping Cart Chair. I think I wanna build one. That'd be dope. Brett needs one, since he can't have a couch.

Banana phoooone! The original, for all those that haven't seen it. Besides, everyone needs to watch it again.

Are you color blind? I'm not. Yay. I think the pictures work better than the numbers.

7up number guessing thing. Yay for mathmatics and boredom.

Museum of bad Art. Yes, yes it is.
Hide your pr0n. Hey, some people might not have their own computer and may be sharing one still...

Chasm Game. Played it a long time ago, it was fun but it was not easy at all. I don't think I ever finished it.

More Bush Idiocy. I really hate this guy. I mean, really, really. I think he's dumber than Jessica Simpson. They need a Bush quotes vs. Jessica Simpson quotes site.

Morrissey - Bush should've died, not Reagen. Yeah, I can agree with that.

3 guys flash it's just like simon. It got real old, real quick for me.

Cheerleader distraction. I bet this doesn't start an FCC fuck you, I also bet their leader isn't legally retarded.

Camo Duct Tape.

Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks. Lewis Black wasn't lying at all, here is video to prove it.

Satellite images show Atlantis. ...What's that I smell? I think it's bullshit!

Oooh, dangit. Someone get the fucking Unrated Eurotrip Already! Even though I bet this is fake, cuz I kinda paused it a lot, it looked like she had something on... but hey.

Post No Bills. See, that's funny.

Matrix Kitty! KIIIYAAA!

Bush thing. It's Real Player, so I dunno if it's funny. Someone let me know.

Hello Kitty on a notebook.

Why America Is So Fat. I'm so fucking glad I found this picture by accident, again. I love this picture.

Ever been suspended for Oral Sex? Yeah, I fscking wish...

Ninja Stealth! See! They could be, EVERYWHERE!

SportKA Videos. Yeah, the evil car. Heh.

Meh, that's it for now. I think I got mostly everything lost in teh crash. More in the morning maybe..


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Turn into a burrito. Ever wanted to become a burrito? Now you can... goddamnit, now I want a burrito. - Thank ya again, Krista.

Yeah, that's it. Just woulda forgot it otherwise...

..."Damn, she's fuckin' hot. I hate you, you're so lucky, you bastard."
Wow, fuck that school. I mean, fucking really... Who the fuck is a school to tell you who you can or can't go to prom with? I'd find a way to sue 'em or fuckin' something.

One Woman's Sex Stats. ....duuude. Do ALL women keep track like this? I'd probably be worried.

Pacers Equipment manager arrested for his Equipment. At least his bail was cheap.

Houdini Secrets. I would TOTALLY fscking go to that exhibit. Amazing shit...

Penis Owners Manual Actually, it's just random facts and generally funny shit.

Which side of the road do they drive on? I love this idea. I really do. Cuz I'm curious :)

Facts of life.. It was short, and kind of stupid. But I posted it because I wish every fucking person that makes a flash would do what they did and have multiple options, including a download at the bottom. I'll never understand why sites don't just let you download shit. It can't be to fscking save bandwidth, cuz you have to GO BACK AND WATCH IT AGAIN! GOD! Just let me fucking download the thing and save you fucking bandwidth. /rant

Revenge Unlimited. Because plotting revenge is fun.

24 hours in the life of a cute chick.

Underground camera ban? Gawd, fuck that shit. It's a fucking camera, let it capture whatever there is to capture, wherever!

More on the HS Pr0n Oh geebus, who's gonna get this when it comes out? Shut up, Krista! In the words of Brett 'I hate you, and I hope you get SARS!' nyah!

MR2 Crash. If you're gonna have a car like that, learn to drive it. Or don't let you friend use it, either way...

...Top 10 internet fads. ...sort of. I mean, most of them are old. Some of them are way too old. Side note: Where the fuck is my Banana phone?

Long term bets. Meh, just more shit to post. I'm not gonna lie.

Jessica Simpson Quotes. Damn, she is soooo stupid. It's too funny.

One PC, Six Hard Drives, 37 OSes! Now that's some fast ass shit right there.

Mmm, Christina Aguilera. I would let her, and her lovely nipples do what her shirt says to me any second. Five times over.

Cops son does crazy shit. Yeah, but he's a fucking cops son. He'll get off.

Oooer, superheroes. Only mostly neked. ...poor Thing. NSFW

Baseball scorecard. I doubt anyone will have any use for this, but it's nifty information.

And now, for some obligitory bash. Because bash is t3h w1nn4r!
Someone, somewhere. Feels the same way as the second guy.

Steal'n a rib! SSSSLAAP!

...Duck joke? Damn that would pwn.

Albums from McDonalds? Beats fucking Kazaa lately.

Pr0n folder. Yeah, take that.

Aaaand that's all, folks.

..."Dude... where's Nick?" Which Nick? "Nick, Nick! Not Snickerdoodle!" Oh, Visor then. Gotcha. "Yeah, he's Nick from now on." Gotcha.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Playing To Win. Yeah, I don't know anyone who needs this. Starts with M, ends with ikey. Just to start with.

Reasons to dislike Bush.
Faked 9-11 Tape? Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised...

Faked Nick Berg Tape? Reposting, for a point. But still..

Now for the funnier stuffs..
Trash Can Humor. Oh god, I would've paid so much to see this in person. Someone do it! ...dude, where's Jackson?

Skating Error. ...OW! Good lord. Ow.

This is my backround. It has been for a couple days.

What do 3 million battered women each year have in common? They don't know when to shut up, or this pictures reason, too.

Yahoo whore. Bet it's taken down off real yahoo already though.

Anyone want Shrek 1 divx? Won't last long though, I garunteee!

White trash world. Yeah, I know a few people who could wear these shirts. Or that need to.

You got served, parking. Another something I wish I could see in person.

Land Mine proof boots. Hey, you never know when you'll find a land mine field.

Original Photoshop Contest Since I had to explain it to Brett, it's photoshopping a FAKE original scene in a movie. Some are good, most are not.

Where's Waldo Flash. ...yeah, this was stupid.

Japanese Toilet. Honestly, that would fucking scare me.

h4x0r t3h c3ll and fuck it up. I mean "Hey, I can change your number check it out." Hey, change it back "uhhhh..." yeah.

Safer Cigs But only for new york. - Still no cure for cancer, unless you're rich.

Album Dump dot com. Piss off the RIAA, YAY! Especially since every Kazaa song is fubar. Ah well, only good for teh pr0nz now.

10 Commandmends of Computer Ethics. Well, these were stupid. I've broke every one, easily. Maybe I should go after the other out of date comandments now. Don't think I could kill someone though. Does fragging count? pwn.

Urban Legends VI: Fact or Fiction No it's not a fucking Sabotage thing. But it wasn't that good. Someone might like it.

Sniper Practice. Too bad head shotting the dummies doesn't kill them every time. Which is fscking lame.

Phonebooking. Like antiquing, but with a phone book. I expect great amusement.

Liter Cola? Do we have liter cola?

Don't spit, or duck. Swallow. Word up, goddamnit. It doesn't belong all over the place, and it does belong in your face.

Interesting Fathers Day Present. Just click it, I don't wanna spoil it.

Everyone, yes everyone needs to toss a midget. I mean, seriously. Why wouldn't you toss one?

Golf Cart Bling Bling Hey, ballers play golf too. At least they're not fuckin' 20's

Now thats a hardcore speller. Not as happy as that other girl, but still.

Onoez! No more geisha women?! Fucks sake. What is the world coming to?!

You call me prissy and I'll fuckin' shoot you. No, seriously. People are fscking crazy. Box cutter, gun, whatever. Box cutter is crazy.

Weird Mail Brought to you by something awful.

Maybe the new IT shoes. Get 'em before they're popular. Quickly now.

...What's that you say? You want to eat a bag of hell?

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Random Pictures from Banthis dot com.

Attention Dogs and Owners

Made in where?

To the 64 East!

No self touchie"

Ow, my eyes.

...Why is there a treadmill?

Suppida kitty!

Now for some PWN3D pics.

Rabbit pwn4g3.


Nun snowball.

What did the five fingers say to thyne face?!

Snaaake, snaaaake.

Number of Fucks in Deadwood. Never seen it, but that's a lot of fuck.

If I remember wehat else I forgot to redo from yesterday, I'll post it. Other than that, who knooows.

...Normally I would just shoot you guys, and steal your girlfriends. But today's different!
Help find Brooke. No, seriously. She's missing. No punch line, honest.

Addicting Pool Game I played it enough to know I need to stop before I set stuck on it.

Animated Robbery Pwn3d. Wow, this would have been the funniest thing to see.

The Satire Awards. Just amusing satire, which I'm sure we could easily convince people is real. Well, some of which.

Flash movie of that old you kicked my dog thing I think it was Jerky Boys originally, I really forget. But it was funny, so it doesn't matter.

Footy footy footy. Ninjas, lasers and gold! Needs hooligans though.

Madness Interactive! I need to find the flash video with these guys in them. That thing kicked ass.

Underage and drunk? Don't order a pizza. Maaaan, fuck cops. Fuck them in their loose asses.

Condoms cause cancer. Said it before, I'll say it again. If it doesn't cause cancer, it's not been discovered yet.

Another hot chick in a random sport. This time she'll kick your ass racing.

Air Scooter. Yeah, that's just asking for an injury.

Guitar backpack. Not my thing, but someone will like it.

Kama Sutra Pooh. Yes, that pooh. It's still no garfield and blue though.

Holy shit, it's Cartman. Why would someone let their fucking kid do this? I mean really. Fucking big macs? Shut up.

Make the ball grow. It's fscking weird. But it's kind of strangely fun.

Moore or Pig Personally, I like Michael Moore a lot. I loved Bowling for Columbine. I can't wait to see Fahrenheit 9-11, even more so now. Cuz it must be amazing for republicans to hate him this much. Even more so, since this is a complete rip-off of bush or chimp.

Oldest living person dies at 114. That's OLD. She prolly ate bacon, smoked a pack a day and drank heavily.

How to use a French Toilet. Dude, that's not a toilet. That's Chur... erm... that's a fucking hole in the ground.

Jacko Mask. Damn that's a scary.... uh, is that a mask? Or just au natural?

Spelling Bee Ending. Ok, you got it right. Calm down. Shut the hell up. Now, take your trophy, go home and study again.

Saget in 2k4. I didn't read it yet, but only cuz of the shitty design.

MORE COWBELL! You just cannot fail with Walken and Ferrel.

Block update, cuz i'm tired of shit crashing and me not wanting to redo 50 links. As if you'll tell the difference...

...War is where young people go and die, and old people sit around and talk about it. (I think I got it right. Stole it off Troy.)

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Boing! hahaha, I have no idea why this shit is so funny.

Bowling! It was fun, and then I got a strike. Then it pwn3d. Getting a spare is goddamn impossible! 141.

P-p-p-p-power book! I don't care if you saw it. Look at it again. It's almost better than the ps3

Saddam's Pistol. That's stupid. If I was a soldier I'd of ganked that shit and gave him a fake. Fucker.

Haha, owned. I mean, seriously... would that even work? -_-

Fear of long words. I had this in an away or something a long time ago. It's still needed information. :P

Oh good fucking lord! She's fired. The end.

20x20 Rubix Haven't decided if this is extremely sad, or impressive. Probably both.

Belgium team in athens. I don't get it.. Maybe they brought soccer hooligans. That would make sense.

Big Black Guy with Britney I wonder if his name is Ben. That would pwn.

Chinese man > 8 million flies. Now that's a fucking vendetta. I think he's bitter.

Britney Treatment. Shit, she can bitch at me all day for that much a year.

Ricer fury! Well, he can't afford it. But he fakes it well.

Ever seen a car pwn3d by nike? Well, now you have.

Avril flips, then MTV does. That's so fucking stupid. She could've stabbed someone in the face and less of a deal would have been made.

Damn, lazy. The duct tape one is the best still.

Special Ed Soundboard. I love that guy. Where's my como esta el yaaaay?!

Big ass sandwich. Now then... Bitch, get in the kitchen and make me some pie!

Crazy thoughts. I love this site already.

It doesn't bend that waa... Oh shit, I guess it does.

Inkblot. These would be so much better if they didn't name them all like they do.

Foriegn Finger. How not to, or how to give the finger in another country. Whichever you prefer.

Would you hit this? I'm amused with it for the moment. I give it 3 days. Besides, I think it's 90% no's :P

...Church - From now on, if anybody makes my girlfriend cranky and psychotic it's gonna be me.
...Tex - awe, that's sweet.
...Church - Shut up, bitch!
...Tex - Asshole.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Every Blood Ninja Thing ...At least all that I've ever seen, and then some. I love that guy.

Jose Mesa Pirates Pitcher. Born in 1966, has a son born in 1979 and a daughter born in 1974??!

Best Chappelle's sound board. Period. No, seriously. It wins.

America's top toilet. Pretty self explainitory.

Movie name... Can't say much of anything without spoiling it.

Wow, that's stupid. Should've pissed on him to at least make it worthwhile.

Lohan Implant Debate. I don't know. Probably.

Can't do any worse than Bush. I still say America invokes the "None of the Above" option, and if it wins new candidates have to be selected.

Jerk Shirts. Some of them are great, some of them are stupid. Welcome to the internet.

Iiii like you. That is all.

Ebay Auction. ...Maybe slightly used?!

Design your own cereal box. OS OF DOOOOM! Tastes like Cardboard!

Nerdiest thing ever. Kama Sutra meets... god you need a woman.

Beer float experiment. Not too sure I'll try any of these.

Lawn chair boat. It's cool, but it's not 8 grand cool.

Bathroom writings. Seen a couple of these sites now, they're amusing.

Laz0R eyes! At least it was short.

Urinal game. Will you choose the right one?

I tried to update at Brett's. I had a big one, and then Avant Crashed :P So yeah, suck me.

...What in buttery goodness?!

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